shstream: sh script for saving streaming audio as mp3 or ogg



lame or oggenc
standard unix cmd line stuff


config files
multipart (or single file) downloads
records from any mplayer supported audio stream (rm, mms, pls, etc.)
encodes as mp3 (lame) or ogg (oggenc)
designed for poor network conditions


expand archive, and move shstream to somewhere in your path (/usr/local/bin for instance). edit example.shstream to your requirements, then rename config and move to a convenient storage location.


shstream /path/to/config/file.shstream


please download the most recent shstream release.

quick start:

   1. download and expand achieve.
   2. move "shstream" file into path (for example, /usr/local/bin).
   3. open example.shstream in a text editor.
   4. change option "numoffiles" to desired recording length (for three hours, make it "18", because 600 (default setting for "filelengthinsecs" option) seconds times 18 equals 10800 seconds equals three hours).
   5. change "pipedir" option to location to store temporary and in-progress files.
   6. change "destdir" option to your desired storage location for completed file(s).
   7. change "streamurl" option to your audio stream url (test the url first with mplayer! if mplayer can't play it, it won't work!).
   8. change "filename" option to reflect your stream content.
   9. save changes.
   10. then do: "shstream /path/to/your/new/config.shstream".

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Copyright Kurt Erickson